We partner exceptional Senior Executives with exceptional Executive Coaches to achieve exceptional results.

The Rubicon Partnership is a unique Executive Coaching Practice with accredited Executive Coaches with experience and a track record in a wide range of sectors.
We strive to enable our clients to deliver transformational business results, empowering their people and working tirelessly to be the very best that they can be every day.

We are passionate about inspiring high performance. By creating strong yet caring partnerships in a confident, flexible and open style, we ensure that you feel challenged yet supported; driven yet safe.

Is Executive Coaching right for you?

If the answer is yes to each of these questions, then an Executive Coach from The Rubicon Partnership is ready to work with you and your business.


Are you ambitious for the development of your organization?


Are you committed to growth in your professional and personal life?


Are you generous in spirit and committed to inspiring each of your employees to perform at their fullest potential?


If you are looking for someone to tell you how it is, the give you the push to grow and do things that will help you and your business and, to support you in a myriad of ways to gain success and growth then Eleanor and the Rubicon are the way forward. There are so many times I've needed someone to 'wake me up' from a dead end business route, or making crazy decisions that would likely have cost me time and money, wiped out my energy and possibly even harmed my business and Eleanor's ability to assess a situation and help me realise why it wasn't going to work has been fantastic. She has taught me how to be a business owner when before I was just a guy who was trying to survive.


Rubicon Executive Coaching is inspiring and enlightening. I would recommend it to leaders who want to broaden their perspective , strengthen their role and grow their people. At the heart of it is great support, constructive challenge and powerful reflection.


The Rubicon Partnership challenges their clients to carefully and honestly analyse their leadership style in response to business critical issues. Their grounded, wise and supportive approach is invaluable in helping the client accurately summarise the issue and establish the most effective solution to take back to the team and organisation.


I have not had executive coaching before, and there are times when having Eleanor there as my coach has proved invaluable, both professionally and personally. I always believed that life does not effect how I perform professionally, but now I know there is a clear link between the two. Eleanor has helped me put my personal life into perspective which has allowed me to become a better leader, making better decisions and also choose to be kind to myself, has made me a happier person and one who is more caring to the people that matter most in my life and in my business.


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